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What is ScieRxiv?

ScieRxiv is a multidisciplinary preprint platform that allows scientific manuscripts from all research areas to be immediately cited and permanently available. It is run by OAE, a pioneer in scholarly, open access publishing.

How to submit a paper to ScieRxiv?

Click the “Submit” button on ScieRxiv. You will be directed to the login page first if you have not logged in. If you have not yet registered an account on the ScieRxiv or OAE platform, you will have to register and log in first to submit your paper. Our editors will review the suitability of your paper within 24 hours and notify you via email once a decision has been made.

Do I have to pay any fees to post articles on ScieRxiv?

No. Publishing articles on ScieRxiv is completely free.

Are papers published on ScieRxiv peer-reviewed?

No. Papers submitted to ScieRxiv are not peer-reviewed before being published online.

Which journals allow the release of preprints prior to submission?

In most cases, the release of preprints does not affect journal publication. However, some publishers do not consider papers that have been posted on ScieRxiv or other preprint servers prior to submission. We strongly recommend checking the preprint policies of all potential journals to which you may submit in advance. The preprint policies of many journals and publishers are available in the Sherpa Romeo database and on Wikipedia.

What type of content can be posted on ScieRxiv?

ScieRxiv focuses on original research articles and comprehensive reviews. Editorials, discussion papers, and commentaries are typically not suitable. 

Can I submit an article to ScieRxiv after I have submitted it to a journal?

Authors are encouraged to submit their papers to ScieRxiv at any stage before they are accepted by a journal. If your paper has already been published in a journal, you cannot submit it to ScieRxiv.

Can I publish an article on multiple preprint servers?

It is advisable to publish your paper on only one preprint server. Because papers posted on multiple preprint servers are indexed by Google Scholar, it is uncommon to see the same paper on multiple servers. Additionally, posting on multiple servers can lead to underestimation of your article’s citation data. If we find that your article has been posted on another preprint server, we may be inclined to reject it.

Can I withdraw the article before it is posted on ScieRxiv?

Yes. You can log in to ScieRxiv and withdraw a submitted paper.

Can I delete my article after posting it on ScieRxiv?

No.  Papers published and registered with a DOI on ScieRxiv cannot be deleted. In some cases, our editors and Advisory Committee may "retract" papers at their discretion for the following reasons:

  •  Author misconduct, including plagiarism and data falsification;

  •  Serious scientific errors that cannot be corrected by updating the paper;

  • Leaving a paper online would constitute a violation of the law, including copyright infringement.

Please check the Withdrawal Policy carefully before posting your work.